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Our Story

Skin Care Products Provider for Daily Use & Salon Use

our origin

JEUNER BEAUTY founded in 2006, there the Brand was founded by a young Malaysian – Chinese married couple, and began working on manufactured their own products for beauty salon’s supplies, treatments and and also finish skin care products selling among there families and friends at the same time infusing them with our values new idea. Founder of Jeuner Beauty has over 30 years of experience within the beauty field industry by inspected enough number of cases according to different types of skin condition on the face.

Our vision

To be a Beauty Brand that recognized by the quality, functionality, reliability of our Skin Care products from the public.  Besides, we pursue to develop and manufacturing  Professional Use products that help beauty service providers like beautician & beauty therapist to meet the highest quality standards so that their work will meet the highest quality satisfaction from their customers. We ain’t pursue for branding fame, but we are more emphasized on not to neglect the quality of every single ingredients we put in our products. 

Our Values

No harsh ingredients
Jeuner Beauty ensure that the products created with only the most effective, necessary raw ingredients, simultaneously have qualify the safety measures of specialize dermatologist skin care research lab. We make sure our products don’t contain components that can irritate sensitive skin.

Real quality | Reasonable prices
We aim for enhancing the satisfaction to resulting our brand to spread over satisfied customer reviews and word-of-mouth, instead of carry out costly campaign or marketing activities. We always strive to provide our values by continue doing our best to carry out quality products to our customers for a fair price. Because we believe everyone can deserve to be beautiful.

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