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Our Main Ingredients


Do you know Castor oil contains with omega 6 essential fatty acids, vitamin E, as well as other vitamins and minerals which retaining the skin elasticity, prevent ageing and reducing acne issues, relieve inflammation. Castor oil also reduce stretch marks, scars, minor cuts and kinds of skin eczema like abrasions, fungal infections, yeast infections, and more.

The skin is moisturized, due to its humectant properties, and cleansed, nourished, and soothed of irritations. And most importantly to ease the symptoms of sunburn and protecting skin from harmful UV radiation.

Why Eco Natural SunBlock?

Most of the people suffered or confused of choosing the right sunblock to protect face from sun exposure, this is the product that might suit you & help in your skin condition.

Protect skin from UVA & UVB

Harmful sunlight & Infrared that your face exposed to every day, it is an another cause of skin aging, pigmentation & dull skin. This Facial SunBlock is a physical sun block that protects your skin from to skin surface damage from UV.

Natural & Hazard-Less Preservative

We use natural preservative instead of harmful and dangerous parabens, which chemical parabens will causing negative side effects.

Airy Light Texture

With an airy light touch, it is easily absorbed on the skin & no greasy residue will be left. this also keeps the pores away from clogged.

moisturizing compound factor

There are Moisturizing molecule with light & hydrating formulation glides easily onto the skin for breathable coverage. Keeps your skin away from wrinkle or pigmentation from the damage.

non-oily & non-greasy

A watery compound that provides moisture & leaves the skin feeling refreshed without any stickiness. During application, your skin is protected and moisturized, feeling fresh and not oily.​

No harmful Ingredients

It is not a chemical sunscreen, it is a physical sunblock with overall low hazard & natural ingredients. Thus, it is save to be used during the pregnancy period.

5 unique functions in one SUNBLOCK

Block UVA & UVB
moisturizing Factor
natural Concealer effect
Prevent photo-ageing
avoid pigmentation or dark spot


How to Use Eco Natural SunBlock?

Eco Natural SunBlock can be effectively fuse on your facial skin with moisture function, as it makes your make-up more docile to stay up all day long.

Step 1

As daily basis, wash your face with the cleanser that suits your skin type.

Step 2

Apply your daily skin care routine to moisture up your face before applying any protection serum, cream or SunBlock.

Step 3

Lastly, according to your face area pump a little of Eco Natural SunBlock on your palm & slowly spread it evenly on your face.

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