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common mistake of acne & scarring skin

1. Using Inappropriate Amount of Acne Medication or Serum

The common mistakes most of the people made with acne serum is only applying it on the existing pimples. Any one of your skin pores can get clogged to become your next pimple, because you face contains thousands of pores. If you’re only applying acne serum to the pimples you might help those wound heal quicker, but this action won’t be preventing other pores from popping up pimple.

The Solution: The good idea of what you can do to keep your skin clean, unflawed and popup free is to apply a thin layer of anti-acne serum once a day. If you have sensitive skin, use the acne serum on the areas where your pimple pop up most often and leave it the rest of your skin as it might be irritating.

2. Using Harsh Treatments or Products

For prone Acne Skin, most people might be using exfoliating cleanser. But in fact, you may not realize that using harsh and abrasive products on acne-prone skin you could end up irritating or damaging your skin, ultimately making the matter worst. Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells. You have to be careful about choosing an exfoliant.

The Solution: Instead of using physical exfoliant like grit scrub or stimulant face cleanser, but look for chemical or Gel exfoliants like alpha hydroxy acids (AHA), Enzyme or chemical peels. As the friction involved in physical exfoliants might affect your inflamed skin gone worsen, leading to increased redness and breakouts. Your dead skin cells naturally loosen & peels off, while using Gel Exfoliants. Kindly remind that some chemical exfoliants/Gel can dry your skin, ensure to use an oil-free moisturizer to avoid irritation.

3. Not Applying Sunscreen

While sun exposure it can dry out your skin & it may overcompensate by quicken up the oil production. As a result it becomes very oily & greasy. But applying too much or not evenly apply it on skin will affect the acne breakouts as well. Both leads to clogged pores and restricted them from breathing, increasing the risk for breakouts.

4. Picking at Pimples With Your Hand

By Squeezing or Picking at acne spot might end up infect & forcing the oil & bacteria from your hand into deeper skin, leading to an even worst inflammation. Also this action also disturbing the healing process, as you tear the outer layer of skin, an open wound can damage your skin and lead to scarring as it heals.

The Solution: Instead of picking the pimples, use acne spot treatment or concentrated serum to heal, prevent the blemish gone worst. Use acne serum to ensure your pimples are ready to extract & seek help from professional beauty therapist. Daily routine of face cleansing and apply a thin layer of moisturizer to protect your skin from over drying or oily over the day.

5. Not Using or Using the Wrong Moisturizer

In Majority Perception: If you have oily skin you be focused on drying it out, if you have dry skin your focused on adding more moisture. But in fact, you may not realize is that even oily skin needs moisture. You need to get clear between oil and water content when it comes to your skin. When your skin loses moisture, your glands produce more oil to compensate moisture. Unfortunately, this can also lead to clogged pores and increased breakouts.

The Solution: Choosing the correct moisturizer for your skin type is important. An Acne-prone skin, you need a more light product that hydrates your skin at the same time won’t sitting too greasy on the skin & clogging your pores. A water-based gel is a great example, any of the products contains with hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid will do a great job.

6. Washing Face with the Wrong Technique

One of the mistakes people use when washing their faces is using the wrong cleanser. It’s significant to choose the right cleanser for your skin type because choosing wrong cleanser could contribute to breakouts & skin irritating problems. Besides, mistakes people make include not completely rinsing after cleansing & left your skin the dries before apply moisturizer. The left-over cleanser might dry out your skin and lead to the excessive oil production.

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