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Aging & wrinkles skin

Not Washing Makeup Off

Many people may think it is no big deal to fall a sleep in bed with the makeups caused the dirt on the face all day night. But this kind of bad habit can congest & irritate your skin and lead to extremely dry parched skin. As we getting older, our skin becomes more drier, there isn’t any beneficial for makeup to stand on your face, especially for a very long period.

If you find uncomfortable to spend few minutes cleans your face before bed, there in no way for you to skip this step, but at least do a simple wipe off job with clean water, because this is the most fundamental step for you keep your skin healthy. You’ll see the difference once you did it correctly & you will thank yourself in future time.

Skipping or Not Using SPF

A cloudy sky isn’t an excuse for skip your SPF sunscreen. Being expose to UVA rays causes the greatest negative impact on our skin and will make your skin age quicker with wrinkles & sunspot.

Sun is the most powerful source that can penetrate deeply to harm your skin tissues . So it is critical to protect your skin with sunscreen all day long, whether you’re inside the office or outdoor. Use at least a broad-spectrum SPF 30 every day to apply on the outer layer of your skin before being expose.

Not Using An Exfoliator

Exfoliating is a very crucial role in our skin care regime. Getting rid off the dead skin cells by scrubbing, we are keeping pores clean, soften your wrinkles, smoothen & brighten your skin.

Removing dead cell can build up to helps your skin effectively absorbing moisturizer and concentrated serum. As a results, it moisten the fine lines and dehydrated spot – which vital to avoid premature skin aging.

Using The Wrong Skincare For Your Skin Type

Many thinks all the skin care products are probably works the same for everyone, in fact its false. Using the appropriate of skincare that suit your skin type is significant, as the wrong products can just cause problems or even worsen. There’s different functionalities and attributes in the same category of product – like “oil or oil free moisturizer” & powder or water based foundations.

For instance, an oily skin type used something that’s not purifying enough, it terribly increases oiliness resulting more breakouts and pimples on the skin. Meantime, if you have dry and sensitive skin and use something for oily skin type, you will dull and dehydrate your skin even further. These all could lead to premature skin aging as well.

Neglecting Your Neck

Perhaps you be making sufficient and appropriate anti-aging choices for your face, but overlook all about your neck in the meanwhile. Normally the skin on our neck and shoulder reveal our age, as they getting wrinkle and fine lines earlier than it should be.

Because most people neglecting applying the SPF onto neck and shoulder areas. Whatever you do to your face, you should might as well do to your neck and shoulder too.

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