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Become Our Reseller or Affiliate

JEUNER BEAUTY is a trustable, effective and reliable skincare brand. The vision is to help people to resolve their skin issues and to attain more healthy skin, throughout their lives – emphasizing skin problem like acne, black, pimples, aging wrinkles skin, freckles, sensitive skin and any other skin problems that people suffering from.

We are very welcome if you are wanted to be apart or our mission & vision to achieve the same goal, we are willing to get attach with you!

Perhaps you currently own a Beauty Salon or Spa? Or you are a Retailer in beauty field? Maybe you are a Beautician who looking for a quality and reliable product to perform your service? Or maybe you are a Social Media Influencer such as Blogger or Youtuber?


Collaborate with us by featuring our products in your shop, Beauty Salon or your Online Shop. We also provide salon use product for beauty therapist to perform higher quality services. Beside that, you also can become our exclusive reseller within your region.

Effective and secure production is our value, that ensures quality and ensures fast delivery.

Affiliate Partner

This perhaps is what you looking for, if you managing a website, a blog or you are an influencer on Instragram, Facebook or Youtube.

Your job would be promote Jeuner Beauty & our products, to gain sales – hence the earnings for you. You earn money, due to your referral when your audience from your site and, ends up purchasing a product from Jeuner Beauty. You’ll get paid by a percentage commission of that total sales volume.

Nice! How do I get started?

A business partnership between us can be either an affiliate agreement or becoming a reseller. However we are always open for suggestion and a discussion about working out what is possible.

If you wish any magical spark happens between Us, Kindly fill in your information and tell us about you and what’s your thought and plans that you wish us to achieve together. 

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